Abstract (EN): 
The Republic of Colombia is a newly opening and very interesting destination with a strong aspect of security. Colombia is generally unknown as tourist destination. The reason was the long-standing conflict inside the country where vast territories were dominated by the neo-communist guerrilla (FARC). In 2016, a ceasefire agreement was signed with the country government within a peace process, thus opening the way for the settlement of the lives of citizens in different areas. From this point of view is necessary to interested in security and risk in Colombia from the tourism point of view because the decision which destination to visit and which to avoid on the contrary is subject to a wide range of variables and the choice of a tourist destination is increasingly under scrutiny of its security situation and economic availability. The main aim of the article is to describe the real security and risk situation in contemporary Colombia. The article is a part of international research project “The Barriers in the Tourism Development in Colombia due to Perception of Regional Security Insufficiency “.The results of the research will be socialized to different organisms of national, departmental and municipal character to be used as input in the reflection of public policies