Editorial Office


The journal is published by:

Civitas per Populi, Střelecká 574/13, 500 02 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic


College of Regional Development, Žalanského 68/54, 163 00 Praha 17 - Řepy, Czech Republic

The journal is managed by the scientific editorial board. The everyday running is ensured by the editorial office.


Members of the scientific editorial board are as follows:

Prof. PhDr. Marek Franěk, CSc., Ph.D., Faculty of Informatic and Management, Univerzity of Hradec Králové

Prof. Ing. arch. Jan Koutný, CSc., Faculty of Architecture Univerzity of Technology Brno

RNDr. Zita Kučerová, Ph.D., director of Centre for Investment, Development and Innovation Hradec Králové

Ing. Martin Maštálka, Ph.D., Faculty of Economic and Public Administration, Univerzity of Pardubice (executive redactor)

RNDr. Miloslav Novák, Ministry of Environment CR

Mgr. Michael Pondělíček, Ph.D. Civitas per Populi, College od Regional Development Prague

RNDr. Josef Postránecký, Ministry of Inner Affairs CR

doc. Ing. arch. Vladimíra Šilhánková, Ph.D., Civitas per Populi, College of Regional Development Prague; (editor in chief)

Mgr. Zdeněk Semorád, Ministry od Regional Development CR

Ing. Jiří Svátek, Municipality of Hradce Králové

Ing. Oldřich Vlasák, emeritus vice-president of European Parliament, vice-president of the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the CR



I. Scope of Powers of the Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Regional Development between Theory and Practice journal (hereinafter referred to as the “Editorial Board”) is an executive body of the journal publisher.

II. Composition of the Editorial Board

The Editorial Board comprises of the Chairman and members.

The Chairman, Vice-chairman and members of the Editorial Board are approved by the Board of Administration.

The managing editor is involved in the Editorial Board in an advisory capacity.

III. Tasks of the Editorial Board

The Chairman of the Editorial Board:

manages the work of the Editorial Board,

proposes changes in members of the Editorial Board,

convenes a session of the Editorial Board, presents the proposed agenda and chairs its session,

informs members of the Editorial Board about comments and suggestions of the Board of Administration, relating to the publication of the scientific journal.

Members of the Editorial Board:

evaluate the content orientation of individual issues of the scientific journal, published during the period between individual sessions of the Editorial Board,

present suggestions for contributions from individual areas of their specialist competence, recommend and acquire authors for their preparation,

publish their own scientific contributions,

recommend peer-reviewers for the sent contributions and if necessary they themselves will perform peer-reviewing,

submit ideas and comments concerning the content and graphic layout of the journal,

present proposals for modification of the Editorial Board Statutes.

IV. Sessions of the Editorial Board

The Editorial Board meets as necessary, usually twice a year.

An extraordinary session of the Editorial Board takes place by the decision of the Chairman of the Editorial Board, at the request of the editorial staff of the scientific journal or at the request of at least half of its members.

The Editorial Board has a quorum, if at least a simple majority of its members is present at its session. If necessary, it is possible to perform per rolam voting.

The managing editor is regularly invited to the sessions of the Editorial Board; as necessary other experts may be invited to the session.

Minutes are to be taken of each session of the Editorial Board.

In the publishing of the journal the scientific Editorial Board of the journal co-operates with the Editorial Board of the College of Regional Development.


The journal is prepared by editorial staff that provides everyday running of the office.

Members of the editorial staff are as follows:

doc. Ing. arch. Vladimíra Šilhánková, Ph.D., Civitas per Populi, College of Regional Development Prague;(editor in chief)

Ing. Martin Maštálka, Ph.D., Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, Univerzity of Pardubice (executive redactor)

Eva Černá, Civitas per Populi, Hradec Králové; (office manager)