From the beginning of human existence, housing is considered one of the basic elements for survival and protection from difficult natural conditions. The purpose of this research is to treat underground homes, as a efficient living and nature protected like a new concept of living in Kosovo. In addition, the study will seek to discover the underground houses that were developed in Switzerland, and UK, China, etc. The research is intended to serve as a basic, basis for informing the typologies which can be applied in the territory of Kosovo, advantages, and disadvantages of the underground houses. The work has analyzed the comparison of the built houses, the construction law, the territory of Kosovo and the project proposal which can be applied based on the results of the questionnaire to the citizens of the country. The purpose of the addressed research is to analyze how suitable the changes in terms of housing can be according to the real terrain of Kosovo and based on the results of the research from the questionnaire of the country's residents. The determination of the typology of the construction of underground houses is based on the terrain of the country and the protection of green spaces. The method used for the obtained results of the research is the quantitative method. With the construction of underground houses, nature protection and green areas, it will be helped to preserve the quality of the air and may contribute to the fight against climate change.