Články autora

Cities are built of diverse types of urban structures. The paper is devoted primarily to those structure types in which people live. In Czech conditions, we can find structures of historical cores, blocks of flats from the 19th century, neighbourhoods of family houses, socialist prefabricated housing estates from the 20th century, as well as family houses on the city perimeter or even beyond the city limits. Satisfaction of inhabitants in characteristic localities of these types of urban structures was surveyed through questionnaires. The research includes residential localities in three cities in the Czech Republic: Brno, Ostrava and Zlín. The study looks at the relationship between residential satisfaction and urban structure type, analysing a possible relation between demographic parameters of locals and the satisfaction of inhabitants in the respective urban structures. It appears that happier people live rather in low-rise buildings situated in green areas with the safe environment and good transport availability. Such localities are often inhabited by educated people.