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Human capital is the cornerstone of any organization, including elementary schools. The role of pedagogical staff is not only to educate and educate pupils, but also to communicate with their legal representatives, with their parents. Currently, the methods and form of communication and its effectiveness are changing. This study focuses on the development of employees of a selected primary school in the South Moravian Region in communication competence with pupils  parents. The questionnaire survey took place in the period September- December 2021 and was attended by 39 teachers. More than 70% of respondents consider their communication skills to be very good, but at the same time more than 80% of respondents say they would welcome an improvement in their skills in this area. The results of the survey show that there is no difference between the length of practice and the need for further development of competence in the field of communication with parents.
The role of human capital in every organization, including schools, is unquestionable. To exploit employees’ full potential, it is crucial to properly design a motivation system. The present paper focuses on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as tools for motivating the staff of selected primary schools in the South Moravian Region. The questionnaire survey took place in 2020 and was attended by 230 teachers from 24 schools. Most respondents (91 %) consider setting the school’s goals jointly with respect to all staff’s needs as the strongest motivator to perform well, this, however, occurring sporadically in the practice of schools (14 %). The survey results show that knowledge of the CSR concept and the use of its motivation instruments among primary school teachers depend on the size of the school.