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In the paper tendencies of the world market development of transport and logistic services are revealed. It is shown that development of the Russian transport logistics restrains lack of accurate regulatory legal base, understanding and trust from consumers of transport and logistic services, backwardness of technical providing information and communication systems. It is proved that positive shifts were outlined in development of transport logistics: there is long-term relationship of carriers and clients, the increase in number of projects on audit of logistic systems is noted, there is an integration of marketing and logistic tools and technologies of management. It is shown that introduction of modern logistic management allows to accelerate turnover of the capital, to reduce product cost and services, to reduce costs of distribution of goods.
3PL service in the world develop not the first decade, in Russia such service became actual only after crisis of 2008. In paper the content of 3PL services concept is investigated, the current state of the 3PL services market is analysed, prospects of development of the 3PL services market in Russia are revealed. It is proved that main objectives of cooperation of trading and production companies with logistic intermediaries is obtaining competitive advantages for the account: reductions of operational logistic expenses, the general increase of efficiency of functioning of logistic system and, as a result, decrease in product cost, increase of flexibility of firm and ability to adapt for continuous changes of conditions of business, reduction of risks, reductions of duration of operational and logistic cycles.