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Access to medical staff differs across Europe and the particular countries. Poland is a country that has the smallest number of physicians in whole European Union. This country struggles with healthcare provider shortages, but another problem is an uneven distribution of workers. It means that shortages are often more profound in rural areas. This problem affecting the nation's healthcare system will be presented on the example of a region of Plock. The aim of the study is to analyse the availability of medical staff in a region of Plock in the years 2007-2015. Particular attention is paid to the number of health personnel per 10.000 inhabitants in the city of Plock. The analysis regards the physicians, nurses and midwives. The problem of availability of medical staff in Plock region is shown on the background of the average for the Mazovia province and the whole country. The research material is based on the statistical data extracted from Central Statistical Office of Poland.