Crisis Personnel Management in High-Tech Enterprises

Title (EN): 
Crisis Personnel Management in High-Tech Enterprises
Abstract (EN): 
High-tech enterprises play a big role in the scientific and technological development of the Russian economy. In spite of many help from the government, they are increasingly faced with the challenges of the crisis, which are caused by unfavourable environmental factors. For their successful functioning and development requires a reorientation of approaches to a variety of management areas, one of which acts as personnel management. It is from the effectiveness of human resource management strategy depends the formation of the competitiveness of high-tech enterprises, the ability to achieve long-term goals and implementation of the overall strategy. For high-tech enterprises the personnel management strategy should be adapted to the unstable economic growth, the turbulence of the environment, instability of the conjuncture. It should also take into account the specifics of these companies, the high costs of research and development, innovations in production technologies and the final product. Therefore, the main tools of optimization of staff should act soft measures to reduce personnel in the crisis.