The mission of the peer-reviewed Regional Development between Theory and Practice journal is to establish a professional platform linking the academic sector with the general professional public engaged in issues of regional development in all of its aspects.

The objective of the journal is to share research results and practical experience gained in the areas of:

- Theoretical examination of spatial, environmental and socio-economic aspects of the development,

- Techniques of territorial, strategic and economic planning for the development of regions and municipalities,

- Issues of preparation and implementation of development documents in practice.


The journal is divided into the section of the main specialist peer-reviewed articles, which are the topic of its individual issues and professional notifications contained in a special section. Further the journal provides information about interesting events and activities in the field of regional development. The journal is aimed at the general professional public from the academic sector as well as workers of public administration and self-administration along with all institutions and specialist consultation companies involved in regional development issues, to students of the relevant branches.


The journal, which since 2015 has had four issues a year, is published by Civitas per Populi and the College of Regional Development. The journal is included in the List of Peer-Reviewed Non-Impact Periodicals Published in the CR and in the list of electronic journals of the National Library of Technology. The journal has been published since the beginning of 2012 and its pages are archived by the National Library of the Czech Republic.